Coach Bronek | Testimonial
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Bronek is a really person who knows what he’s talking about. Yes, I had to put in lot of hard work but the benefits outweighed everything. I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I achieved without Bronek:

Daniel Farrell

Bronek provided me with a top class training / strength program, nutritional guidance and training schedules to increase strength yet drop a substantial amount of kg to make a target fighting weight


From the moment I joined this programme I have never looked back. Bronek is a fun and enthusiastic trainer. I appreciate that he takes the time to remember everyone’s name and individual strengths and weaknesses. The exercises we do vary from week to week and the equipment used adds to the fun, as well as giving me a challenge.

I came to training in a regular, well thought through fashion very late at the age of 31.  I have trained well focusing on a bench, deadlifts and squats.   But when I came to Bronek six months ago at the age of 33 I was searching for another source of programme structure, some new exercise ideas and a way of breaking through some psychological plateaux.


I know my subjects of flexibility, nutrition, and training quite well from reading T-Nation and from the trainer who has taught me to a reasonably intermediate level over the last two years.  I suppose I knew enough to write an average programme but I have not had the experience of seeing what works and doesn’t work in what combination on any body type, let alone mine.  Given I am prepared to put so much time into my training, up to 5 evenings of powerlifting supplemented by stretching and squash/sprints, I want to ensure that I am going to make the best progress.  So I entrust my programmes now to Bronek, who is taking my training to a new level.

Bronek understands the urgency I feel to make the most of my remaining time to build.  His programmes push me to the limit, thoughtfully employing many of the techniques I have read about – isometric holds at sticking points, overloads to strengthen ligaments and tendons, speed-strength as rest from heavy max CNS focused days.


Since mid-October (6 months) most of my lifts have gone up about 15-20% – pretty good for all body parts.  In the same time, I have added 4 kilos of weight at least half of which is muscle.  I have been advised to avoid supplements that don’t work like BCAAs and I have only continued with Creatine, Vitamin C, Zinc, fish oil, linseed, and Protein powder.


Given my knowledge and reasonable technique, Bronek has provided me with well thought through programmes and a very generous hour’s session to go through the new exercises and the fine-tuning that makes the difference.

I have kept him up to date with my progress several times per week, asking questions via email and Bronek is quick to respond.


I have been very pleased to renew my training relationship with Bronek.  It is great to have someone as dedicated to me as I am.

~ Alexander McCallum

1 September 2006: weight: 104kg; blood pressure: 142/94; maximum continuous jog: 1 minute 12 seconds

18 December 2006: weight: 86kg; blood pressure: 110/72: maximum continuous jog: 60+ minutes


‘I guess the above says a lot. I started training with Bronek because I wanted to see my children grow up.


His continuous support, encouragement, advice and friendliness helped a great deal. I admit that at times in the gym it was difficult not to hate him – but the bottom line is that he makes the pain worthwhile and knows exactly what he’s doing. Bronek always comes up with different exercises to keep it interesting – and best of all he doesn’t like the cardio machines! He has the ability to push you to your limits but also knows when to back off. In short, I’d recommend Bronek to anyone who wants to change themselves for the better.

~ Kanat

I do want to thank you for jump-starting me back on the road of healthy living.  I have never felt more energize and fit and healthy.  Most people can’t keep up with me anymore! Plus, I have everyone intrigued at these “crazy” and intense workouts I’ve been doing in my back garden – though they are not the same and not nearly as fun as you kicking my butt!

Thank you for changing my life!

~ Jolene

I have been training with Bronek for 3 years now and having trained with various people over the last 10 years I can honestly state that he is in a different league to anyone else I have worked with in his profession. He has an incredible knowledge of all things fitness related from science to the latest training developments and constantly pushes you with new routines and approaches to your training to gain maximum results.


When I started training my goals were simply to increase my fitness and energy levels to a new high which we reached after only 3 months and through Bronek’s innovative training routines and constant encouragement I am fitter now at 42 than I have ever been in my life and now have to revise my goals every three months just to keep up with Bronek.

~ Dan Stanton

Managing Director Push UK Ltd

Hi Coach, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you – for everything you have done. You probably don’t get enough thanks so here is mine. Your program has really changed my life in such a positive way, and you have stuck with it (and us die-hards) through thick and thin. Where I am, compared to where I was, is amazing to look back on. I am getting fit, feeling confident and positive – all down to you.

So, there I have said it!

I was always athletic into my 30s, then time seemed scarce and I let it drift away. You changed all that – I am now fitter than I have ever been and feel great.

  • If one is dubious of gyms and have tried other approaches to fitness, trust me: Bronek’s approach works and delivers amazing results. He always keeps you challenged, on the edge of your capabilities, which means to improve constantly. Much more, he’s created a tight-knit group that has become a great circle of friends (when we can catch our breath to speak to one another).


~ Kevin Keohane

All testimonials that you read online highly praise whoever or whatever and perhaps leave you feeling with some doubt over how good the product/service really is. I’m only speaking the truth here and this is that Bronek’s classes really do deliver results.


I got bored of the gym (who really likes going to the gym?) and I sought out a better class of exercise and this is really it. Best of all it’s like having a personal trainer but in a small group of people so you pay less & have more fun too.


Don’t get me wrong and think this is an easy, instant fix towards achieving your fitness goals but if you’re willing to at least turn up and put the effort in, Bronek will guide, coach, encourage, drag you by the heels if necessary (not literally!) towards true success.


This is done through tracking your progress, benchmarking your results and offering expert dietary advice (all included in the package). In the last 5-6 months my stamina has vastly improved and I can now lift weights 60% heavier than when I started. I have seen a real positive change in how I look, how I feel and how much energy I have.


I’m really not a morning person either (Bronek you know how true that is!) so it really helps that the variety of each class means that no one session is the same- it really keeps you guessing. Living a busy life, building a career etc, I love how I don’t need to plan my workouts either.


Sign-up for Bronek. It’ll bring about the step change you need in your fitness goals, whatever level you are at.



~ Paul Winwood

Once you train with Bronek, you cannot go back (to your run-of-the-mill exercise routines). Training with Bronek is hard, you’ll sweat a lot, you’ll grunt a lot. BUT it is absolutely rewarding and FUN! He gives you his 110% attention, he knows how far to push you, and he is a super sweetheart once you get to know him.


Bronek has a unique method to prep you for going and doing beyond what you think you are capable of. He not only trains you to make sure you have the correct and proper forms and movements (he is super strict with forms and movements), he also makes you feel confident about your ability and strength. He taught me effective warming up, proper breathing mechanism and stretching. Before training with Bronek, I would not think of deadlifting 180 or 200kgs, shoulder pressing 80 kgs, and power snatching 75 kgs., but I did them all with him alongside me.


I told Bronek that my goal is to get stronger, faster and more agile; I was not looking to get bigger nor looking for a trainer who counts my bench presses and bicep curls. Well, I got stronger, much stronger, faster and much more agile. I also got trimmer and more muscular. I am glad I trained with Bronek. He had me do things I would have never thought I could. Simply put – Bronek delivers!

~ Jon

I was referred to Bronek three years ago by my physio who’d told me that many of the running injuries I was suffering from were due to my joints not being able to carry the excess weight I’d put on. Bronek totally revolutionised my gym sessions and the results were incredible.


Whereas before I hardly broke a sweat in the gym, I now emerge looking as if I’ve been swimming! Bronek’s mantra is ‘I WANT RESULTS’, and by following a fairly low-carb diet, running for 30 minutes three times a week and doing his programmes two to three times a week I was able to lose an astonishing 2st 7lb in just over two months! Bronek’s approach to fitness is cutting edge – I work on a health and fitness magazine and so thought I knew a thing or two about exercise, but even now I find myself reading about ‘new’ exercises in newspapers and magazine that he told me about three years ago.


I look forward to every session with Bronek as he’s just so dedicated and encouraging but also so much fun – I never fail to spend at least 50% of our time together laughing (the rest of the time I spend gritting my teeth)! If you want someone on your side who’s committed 110% to making your health and fitness goals a reality, Bronek’s the perfect trainer for you.

~ Lisa Jackson

co-author of ‘Running Made Easy’, Britain’s best-selling running book

Bronek’s fitness programme was undoubtedly the most demanding I had ever attended in London. It was also the most encouraging and personal. I used to prefer training in the evening, leisurely but purposefully. I ended up coming for the 7 am sessions every session and asking for more!


The results flowed in: stronger back, higher stamina, more flexibility, happier moods…and yes I lost weight. Early exercise + controlled diet = success. Others talk about it, Bronek made it happen for me.


I never thought I could lose weight, but I did. I never thought I could get up at 6 am to do sport, and I did. Somehow the day always felt lighter and brighter after morning exercise. Does early morning exercise put a smile on your face? Well, it does to me now!


The sessions were great fun, diverse, effective. The group had both a competitive edge and a very encouraging environment. No one was allowed to lag behind: trying harder was the motto. The 1,000 burpees challenge? Yes, crazy, but we achieved it. Bring it on”.

~ Philippe

I was informed about Coach Bronek through my physiotherapist.

I wanted to get back to running marathons after a string on injuries.

As a passionate marathon runner, I have been subjected to 2 years of injuries and 4 fractures in a year. The NHS had diagnosed me with osteoporosis but gave me very little guidance in how to break the cycle of fractures apart from “train a little less and eat a little more”. I was almost at the point where I wished that the doctor would tell me I could never run again to avoid having another fracture. I kept myself fit through cycling in the absence of running, but found it very difficult to balance the demands of a cycling whilst trying to get running back into my life. I was in a very frustrated state of injury after injury.  Meeting Bronek gave me positivity that I could look back on the struggles over the past few years and hope that I could run again without fear of injury.  He explained the possible factors in my life that were causing the fractures, he took time to understand my passions and my what I wanted from being an athlete.

Following the doctors advice I put on weight, coming back to running slowly… and patience, but nothing seems to get me out of the cycle of fractures. Running was literally running further away from me

I really enjoyed coming to the sessions. Coach Bronek identified how I could improve my diet and how to do it. He also identified where I could make changes in my training where I would not be sacrificing my fitness but hope to over come the osteoporosis. I knew I needed to drop back on training somehow, but just did not know how to do it. I have not really had to change my training much at all. I just work harder when I do train and feel I deserve my rest.

It is early days in terms of being back running marathons, but I feel more positive mentally to have someone respond to my concerns and identifying contributing factors to get me out of this mess. I can start feeling an improvement in strength, specifically in long cycle rides, where I feel stronger and stronger as I go on. I know if I keep going I will get stronger, and more flexible which will improve me as an athlete and evidenced where I have gone wrong in the past.

The first notable change is that my skin feels smoother from the diet and my nails are stronger, so perhaps a good sign that my bones are getting stronger. I have lost a small amount of weight and hope to decrease my body fat further.

I understand that it takes time, but is reassuring that I have been given a pathway to get to where I want to be.

If anything else Bronek gives you the opportunity to make yourself feel that you can make a positive effect on yourself (however selfish it might sound) in a society overdeveloped by choices and opportunities where we often feel we are given little confidence to make any positive impact.

~ Elspeth