When I began training with Bronek I already had 15 years of gym work under my belt. My own training had taken me to 98kg, a 39in waist and legs like sticks. I was pretty strong – I used to bench press 190kg unequipped and could do a set of one-arm chin-ups. And yet I could hardly make it up four flights of stairs without stopping for breath.

I found training with Bronek really hard to begin with and used to curse the weird and wonderful exercises he prescribed for me. However, when I got them right, they generated unbelievably good results. Within four months my bodyweight had dropped to 80kg, my waist shrank to 32in, and I was astounded to find that I was so much stronger than when I’d been almost 20kg heavier. Now I can do a ten-minute intensive warm-up with a grin on my face and huffing and puffing during a brisk stroll is a thing of the past. I can definitely say that training according to the “Bronek principle” is well worth it!