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1 September 2006: weight: 104kg; blood pressure: 142/94; maximum continuous jog: 1 minute 12 seconds 18 December 2006: weight: 86kg; blood pressure: 110/72: maximum continuous jog: 60+ minutes 'I guess the above says a lot. I started training with Bronek because I wanted to see my children grow up.Read More



Once you train with Bronek, you cannot go back (to your run-of-the-mill exercise routines). Training with Bronek is hard, you’ll sweat a lot, you’ll grunt a lot. BUT it is absolutely rewarding, and FUN! He gives you his 110% attention, he knows how far to push you, and he is a super sweetheart once you get to know him.Read More



I do want to thank you for jump starting me back on the road of healthy living.  I have never felt more energize and fit and healthy.  Most people can’t keep up with me anymore! Plus, I have everyone intrigued at these “crazy” and intense workouts I’ve been doing in my back garden – though they are not the same and not nearly as fun as you kicking my butt! Thank you for changing my life! JoleneRead More

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'I just wanted to say thanks again so much for training me over the past couple of months – it has really opened my eyes to the benefits of weights and the gym in general and you've been a fabulous teacher. I have also never got such good results before from exercise and eating well and am determined to stick to my new three-day-a-week routine and I really do enjoy it and feel better in myself, too, which is great.' HattieRead More



‘I met Bronek in the summer of 1998 and he’s been the most helpful, patient and knowledgeable coach you could ever meet. Although he remains a ‘no nonsense’ coach, he also has a wonderful sense of humour, which helped to get me through his frequently gruelling training sessions. Bronek’s passionate about helping all of his clients to achieve their goals and you know he’s always there for you.’ FayeRead More



I have been training with Coach Bronek for 2 years now .My goal at the beginning was to get fitter and develop more general muscle tone. Training with Bronek has proved to be extremely enjoyable and you can’t always say that when you have done a session of 500 reps!Read More


I have been training with Bronek for 3 years now and having trained with various people over the last 10 years I can honestly state that he is in a different league to anyone else I have worked with in his profession.Read More

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'The first squat programme Bronek designed for me seemed totally unrealistic: each Monday I'd wonder how the hell I'd get through the next week's plan and each Sunday, to my surprise, found I'd got through it. Yes it was hard, but I added over 30kg on my squat in just three months, compared to 0kg in the previous year and just 20kg in the year before that.Read More



I came to training in a regular, well thought through fashion very late at the age of 31. I have trained well focusing on bench, deadlifts and squats. But when I came to Bronek six months ago at the age of 33 I was searching for another source of programme structure, some new exercise ideas and a way of breaking through some psychological plateaux.Read More

Aleksander Poplawski


Bronek Wlodarczyk has been working with the Association of Disabled Sport 'Start' in Koszalin (Poland) on a voluntary basis over the past eight years by designing training programmes for disabled athletes in both athletics and bench press.Read More