'I have only recently started working with Bronek. My health concerns were stiffness, especially in the lower back, weight issues, and most debilitating of all, a dodgy knee – a consequence of sports injuries and a knee operation in my youth.

I am delighted to report considerable progress: I am now much less stiff, and have not had any episodes of lower back pain since working with Bronek. I had been plagued with weight issues since adolescence. I am now delighted to say I am lighter than I have been for 30 years; I feel I have found a comfortable tool with which to manage my weight.

And I am amazed I can now squat, something my challenging knee had not been able to countenance for years. I could hardly believe it last week when Bronek had me squatting AND simultaneously lifting seriously heavy (well to me anyway) weights!

Bonek's sessions are always interesting, varied and enjoyable, important in maintaining commitment to training – as well as being physically beneficial. I have been astonished at the contortions I can get into, the pace of some of the training, my increased suppleness, and the weights I can now manage. Bronek's approach is safe, considered and informed, and comes from a wealth of study, thought and experience, working with people at all sorts of different levels.

I am only beginning to realise in what bad shape I was before I started training with Bronek, in spite of being a keen hillwalker and attender of gyms. I am hopeful I can continue to make further progress. I have in the past been a fairly serious mountaineer and hope at some point to return to more challenging ascents without fear of knee inflammation.

I hopped down the stairs the other day; I don't recall doing that in years! And I actually felt nimble this week, something I don't ever remember feeling! I had in recent years been starting to feel a certain fragility, for example I had started to dislike having to lower onto the mat for exercises, and had vaguely assumed this was an inevitable stiffness, an apprehensiveness, a natural consequence of the passage of time. Not so! I have now almost forgotten this unwelcome development that had been creeping up on me, and hope I can assign it to history.

I would add that when I reflect back on my own childhood, adolescence and young adult life Bronek's approach would have made a tremendous difference to my development and confidence. I have always liked physical activities, and I would have welcomed this level of dedicated input and challenge. It is topical that we may be facing a burgeoning public health crisis with the increasing obesity rate in children. As someone who has worked in the NHS in visual health, child development, and also screening in primary care, I would suggest that schools consider adopting 'The Bronek Method'.

Bronek most certainly reaches the parts other health professionals don't reach!'