Success Stories

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Bronek is a really person who knows what he’s talking about. Yes, I had to put in lot of hard work but the benefits outweighed everything. I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I achieved without Bronek:Read More


Daniel Farrell

  Bronek provided me with a top class training / strength program, nutritional guidance and training schedules to increase strength yet drop a substantial amount of kg to make a target fighting weight.Read More



From the moment I joined this programme I have never looked back. Bronek is a fun and enthusiastic trainer. I appreciate that he takes the time to remember everyone’s name and individual strengths and weaknesses. The exercises we do vary from week to week and the equipment used adds to the fun, as well as giving me a challenge. Read More



'I started working out with Bronek after the birth of my third child and I credit him completely with getting me into better shape than I was before baby number three, probably even than before baby number one. I look forward to Bronek's sessions because they're fun and challenging and we always do different exercises each time.Read More



When I began training with Bronek I already had 15 years of gym work under my belt. My own training had taken me to 98kg, a 39in waist and legs like sticks. I was pretty strong – I used to bench press 190kg unequipped and could do a set of one-arm chin-ups. And yet I could hardly make it up four flights of stairs without stopping for breath.Read More



    Training with Coach Bronek, in one way is best thing ever, but in the other can be a nightmare because how intense the workouts are, but you will always be guaranteed good results. Each training session is great and I always feel more than satisfied after each one.    Read More



  "Having been a PT for sometime, I found that I was struggling with my own training due to a back injury and lack of motivation. Having worked closely with Bronek for several months he has sorted out my back issues and got me training hard again! Now I'm squatting and lifting more than ever before! I used to think I knew a lot about training and getting people results, but Bronek really is the man!' Matt    Read More



'I have only recently started working with Bronek. My health concerns were stiffness, especially in the lower back, weight issues, and most debilitating of all, a dodgy knee – a consequence of sports injuries and a knee operation in my youth.Read More



1) Anyone following Bronek's regime exactly has 100% results. 2) I've never seen more rapid health and bodyshape changes with anyone else. 3) Age, injuries or disabilities are no problem – Bronek can always work around these. 4) His clients can lose a substantial amount of weight – even while still eating chocolate!Read More

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  Hi Coach, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you – for everything you have done. You probably don’t get enough thanks so here is mine. Your program has really changed my life in such a positive way, and you have stuck with it (and us die-hards) through thick and thin. Where I am, compared to where I was, is amazing to look back on. I am getting fit, feeling confident and positive – all down to you.Read More