Money Back Guarantee



If you follow the programmes I design for you, you will get results, or I will give you your money back!


If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the full amount that you paid for your initial training package.


My 100% Money-Back Guarantee proves how confident I am that I can help you reach your goals and is evidence of my commitment to providing my clients with the best service possible.


It cannot get any better than this: resistance-training, quality cardiovascular training, a sensible nutrition plan, knowledgeable supervision, coaching and continuous feedback. This programme WORKS, and it really is that simple. All you have to do is FOLLOW IT!


My Money-Back Guarantee only applies when clients have adhered to my 'honest effort'*policy.


* My definition of 'honest effort' implies that you do not miss any training sessions; that you maintain any diaries or logs as requested by me or other health professional; that you contact me between sessions if you are finding it difficult to meet your goals so that we can adjust them accordingly or make appropriate changes to your programme; that you contact me immediately regarding any concerns about the efficacy of any aspect of your training programme; that you give me up to three weeks to correct any problems and/or prove the efficacy of the programme.


Disclaimer: This offer only applies to one-to-one or group fitness coaching participants in west London who are closely supervised by myself, and not clients who have only signed up for a fitness consultation or bought a Training Design Package.


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