We are a small group of friendly individuals with the common goal of getting fit, staying fit and having fun doing it. My experience over the years has taught me that our classes are not for everyone. Our members need to be able to demonstrate more than average fitness levels and be able to meet (or aspire to meet in a short period of time) some “entry level” requirements. Many will find this physically demanding and some will need to take a different route to meet the minimum state of physical fitness to participate at the Fit4Elite level.


The unwritten rule is the fitter you are and the fitter you want to become the more you enjoy our sessions and being in the company of our members. With hard work there are immense rewards. We work hard to reach our goals at Fit4Elite and the rewards are phenomenal.



If you want to get fit in London, and would like to train and achieve your goals in a group of people just like you, I believe we have a “thing” for you!
We are not making empty promises. All you need to do, is get in touch and then come down and see whether we can achieve our goals together!