Community Projects

This is an exercise and fitness and nutrition support group designed for residents of west London and everybody who would like to get healthier and fitter, learn about the nutrition for health and the proper and safe movement and exercise. 


This is health, exercise, fitness and support group is created especially for you if you would also like (or even need) to shed a few pounds (or even more than a few), but do not necessary know where to start, tried a number of things in the past, cannot afford or do not want to work with personal trainer. 


The exercise will take place at 11:30am each Saturday at Paddington Recreation Grounds in Maida Vale, followed by 15 min nutrition, exercise and fitness Q&As. 



The classes are designed to help you tone up, lose weight, burn fat and regain your fitness and mobility. These are NOT going to be a very intense sessions, however, they are to challenge you and make you sweat. You will move your body and learn new things each time you come. 
The classes will utilise a lot of:

• Body weight movements, 

• Mobility and flexibility drills, 

• Work on your balance and coordination, 

• Sprints and some gently recovery jogs (only if your capable of them).

• Games and challenges

• Some exercises with basic equipment such as Kettlebells, medicine balls, skipping ropes, and many others (depending on the size of the group). 

• Loads of fun and team spirit

We’ll also run a periodic weight loss, nutrition, goal setting and motivational workshops for women “Achieving Your Dream Body” and offer you advice and all tools how to effectively and permanently burn fat and lose weight. 

All these classes and workshops are FREE of charge and you’re welcome to bring your friends and let others know about us. 




The class has been design and run by Coach Bronek, a fitness professional with over 20 years experience in the industry and the founder of previously popular programme Extreme Fitness Boot Camps and currently Fit4Eliteand “I’m So Slim” weight loss programme for women in west and central London.

You’ll get a top, non PC and BS free advice on fitness, exercise and nutrition and really good quality coaching advice and training.



We’ll also have fun doing all this.


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