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Oct-14-2013 0

Bodyweight Cardio Routine 2

This is the second bodyweight exercise based cardio routine. Similar to the previous bodyweight cardio routine, the premise behind this...

Jul-11-2013 0

Super Bell Workout routine

This routine has been designed for beginners.  However, it would be advisable if you had at least a few weeks...

Jul-11-2013 0

Bodyweight Cardio Routine

These are very short, however extremely effective bodyweight cardio routines which will significantly accelerate you process of getting fit, loosing...

Jul-11-2013 0

Plate Workout Routines

  This is a pretty short, but intense circuit and it should not take more than 10 minutes – even...

Jul-11-2013 0

Essential 7

This is a basic but yet a comprehensive and as the heading says, essential stretching routine that should be employed...

Jul-11-2013 0

No-Breakfast Breakfast

The Ultimate Green Breakfast You have probably heard about these magical green concoctions, possibly even slurped down a few in...

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Kettlebell: what and why

The kettlebell is an iron or cast-iron weight that looks like a bowling or cannonball and usually has a flat base and a thick U-shaped...

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