Coach Bronek | DIY-Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio
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DIY-Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio

DIY-Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio


Bodyweight Cardio 

These are very short, however extremely effective bodyweight cardio routines which will significantly accelerate you process of getting fit, losing extra pound or two, enhancing your level of stamina, improving mobility and, in short, unless you’re some competitive athlete, they will “kick your a**”!

All you need to perform them is a few minutes of your time and some space to bounce around.

Although, all the exercise, which have been selected for these mini workouts are “basic”, mostly natural movements, most of them are known to you from your young or very young times (like jumping jacks aka star jumps) the are working and they will provide results you’re looking for.

They have been tested with many, many people. We’ve done with ourselves during out group fitness sessions, I did them in my warm-ups or as a part of my “conditioning” (getting in shape or keeping high level of it). If doing those does not help you get fit really pronto, I’m afraid, nothing ever will!

Start doing them as many times during a week as you can and observe benefits in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Note of advice – if you do not sweat after your training (no matter how “mini” the routine is) you’re doing something wrong. Whatever it is, there’s something missing and needs to be fixed so that you get out of it what you’re supposed to get.  You need to be warm, you need to sweat, you need to feel that you’ve actually done something physical. Ideally, you need to look as if you’ve just had a shower with your t-shirt on.


  • Burpees           – 10 times
  • Alternate backwards lunges    – 10 times each leg
  • Jog on the spot            – 30 seconds
  • Star jumps/jumping jacks        20-30 seconds

There’s no real need for any stretches after this mini workout.  Just make sure you do your best to do all the movements using full ranges of motion (going all the way down and fully extending your body when standing up).  However, if you feel that you’ve got some special needs regarding your mobility, you can always perform some extra stretches after your complete your mini workout. This is a great way of getting you properly warmed up for your best stretches.