Coach Bronek | DIY Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio #2
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DIY Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio #2

DIY Fitness – Bodyweight Cardio #2

Bodyweight Cardio #2

 This is the second bodyweight exercise based cardio routine. Similarly, like in the previous bodyweight cardio routine, the premise behind this training is inducing the maximum amount of adaptation changes in your system (body) in order to get your fit, promote accelerated fat loss, strengthen your entire body and eventually, help you kick a** for a change.  The added bonus of this kind of training is that changes are visible and are felt fast.

Again, all you need is anytime between 8 to 15 minutes of your time and some free space in your place, a piece of the kitchen floor, your local gym,  park or even back garden.


  • “Iron cross” squat  – 10 times
  • Modified/beginners jack-knives – 10 times
  • Press-ups            – 10 times
  • Alternate side lunges  – 10 times each leg