Coach Bronek | Super dumbbell
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Super dumbbell

This routine has been designed for beginners. However, it would be advisable if you had at least a few weeks of some bodyweight style training behind your belt before you start this exercise programme.

If you are out of shape and have not exercise for a while, I suggest you start with exercise routines the “Let’s get moving!” and the “let’s get a move on” from “Adore Yourself Slim”, which have been designed just for somebody like you. Try them first for a few weeks and then come back to this “Super dumbbell” routine.

For best results, this exercise routine should be repeated 3 times a week (eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for four to six weeks. After that you can move on to the more advanced routine (eg my two day split “Super dumbbell split” routine).

After a quick warm-up (a few minutes of jumping on a skipping rope, or brief periods of alternating brisk walks and 30 seconds jogs on the spot) start exercise 1A, perform required number of repetition in correct form and immediately follow by exercise 1B.

When you complete the sequence of these two exercises recover for 60 seconds before performing this sequence again.

In week 3, you could increase a number of supersets (a sequence of 2 or more exercises performed with no rest between them, eg exercise 1A and 1B, or 2A, 2B) to 3. It means that you will perform a set of exercises 1A and 1B three times before moving on to exercises 2A and 2B.

What’s required: a pair of light dumbbells 5-7kg, single dumbbell 8-10kg, a couple of square meters of uncluttered floor space
    • 1A. Dumbbell walking lunges
    • 1B. Jumping jacks
    • 2A. Standing dumbbell alternate presses
    • 2B. Mountain climbers
    • 3A. 1 arm dumbbell bent over row with a support
    • 3B. Beginners press-ups
    • 4A. Single dumbbell swing
    • 4B. Single leg hip bridges

    • – 10 steps each leg
    • – 20-30 times
    • – 10 times each side
    • – 10 times each leg
    • – 10 times each arm
    • – 10 times
    • – 10 times
    • – 10 times each leg

    • 1_walking lunges start || Middle
    • 2 jumping jacks start || finish
    • 3_standing ….. start || Left || Right
    • 4 mountain climbers 1 || …. 2
    • 5_1 arm bent….. start || … finish
    • 6… start || …bottom
    • 7 dumbbell swing start || finish
    • 8 one leg hip bridge Start || finish

After completing this routine, please do some stretches in order to aid cool down, prevent unnecessary muscle soreness in future and speed up recovery.

Also, remember to be as physically active as it is possible on you days off from training. We’ll call it active recovery. Choose activities you enjoy: walk, swimming, riding bicycle or even playing golf and spend at least 30 minutes doing them a few times a week.

When you feel that you can supercharge your fat loss, introduce one or two weekly session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
Examples of these sessions you can find here.