Coach Bronek | Super dumbbell 3-in-1 split
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Super dumbbell 3-in-1 split

This exercise routine is progressively more difficult. You will also alternate here between two different training sessions and perform a sequence of 3 exercise with no, or minimal rest between them. Upon completion, you rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat the same exercise circuit.

But this is where similarities end. You will perform 3 exercises in one sequence, not 2 as you did previously. You will also find that you’ll be doing 2 exercises with a use of a dumbbell or a set of dumbbells and then immediately proceed to the third, bodyweight exercise.

These prolonged and intensive supersets have been found to significantly accelerate your fat loss and greatly enhance your cardio vascular fitness. Not to mention that you are going to feel this! However, by now you’re supposed to have 4-6 months of regular fitness training behind you.

Again, you will start with 2 supersets (exercises from 1A to 1C). If after 2-3 weeks you’ll feel unexplainably energetic and you can spend some extra time in the gym (note, all you need to complete this workout is a few dumbbells and some floor space, hence these workouts can be successfully performed at home), you could increase a number of sets to 3.

Session 1

    • 1A. Alternate backwards lunges – 10 times each leg
    • 1B. 1 arm dumbbell push press – 10 each arm
    • 1C. Beginner “grasshopper” – 10 each side
    • 2A. Dumbbell deadlift -10 times
    • 2B. 1 arm bent over row with support – 10 times each side
    • 2C. “V press” – 10 times

    • 1_backwards lunges start
    • 2_1 arm dumbbell push press Start
    • 3 grasshopper start
    • 4 dumbbell deadlift top
    • 5_1 arm bent-over… start
    • 6_V press start

    • finish
    • ….Mid || finish
    • Finish1 || Finish2
    • Bottom
    • finish
    • finish

Session 2

    • 1A. 1 arm dumbbell snatch – 10 times each arm
    • 1B. Renegade press-ups – 10 times
    • 1C. Supine side knee raises – 10 times each side
    • 2A. 1 dumbbell squat and press – 10 times each side
    • 2B. 1 arm overhead alternative forward lunges – 10 times each side
    • 2C. Side plunk            – hold for 20-30 seconds

    • 7_1 arm dumbbell snatch start
    • 8_ renegade press-up Top
    • 9_side knee raises start
    • 10_1 arm dumbbell squat…  START
    • 11_1 arm overhead… start
    • 12 side plank

    • Finish
    • Bottom
    • ….. Finish || finish2
    • …bottom || …+TOP
    •  Mid || … bottom

Please remember to conclude each of your sessions with a simple sequence of stretching exercises. Performing only these few stretches will not only maintain the level of mobility you currently have, but will also gradually, but significantly increase all ranges of motion in your hips, spine, arms and shoulders