Coach Bronek | Essential 7
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Essential 7

This is the basic, yet comprehensive and as a heading says, essential stretching routine that should be employed at the end of any training session to prevent unnecessary muscle stiffness and soreness, or as a recovery to relieve tightness from previous workouts or simple being stiff after spending a day travelling, or even sitting behind your desk.

This routine should not take you more than 5 min max.

Make sure that you stretch both side equally and hold the stretch for minimum 15-20 seconds for the maintenance or 20-30 seconds if you’d like to get some extra flexibility.

  1. Calf stretches (yoga “down dog” position)
  2. Hip flexor stretch (push your hips forward)
  3. Spine, iliotibial (IT) band and, chest stretch
  4. Thigh stretch
  5. Hamstring stretch
  6. Chest stretch
  7. Shoulder and triceps stretch