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No Gimmicks, No BS, No Fads – Just Expert Coaching and Life-Changing Results!

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Coach Bronek

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Bronek Wlodarczyk and I’m a west London-based physical performance enhancement specialist and Certified Olympic Lifting and Bodybuilding Coach. I offer one-to-one personal coaching in both a private personal training studio and a fitness club. I also offer outdoor group fitness coaching. I specialise in strength and conditioning programmes for strength development, sports performance, core conditioning and weight loss.

Chances are you came to this website because you’re hoping to enhance your health and fitness. Or perhaps you want to…

Improve your performance in your chosen sport

Increase your strength, agility and speed

Overcome your injuries

Lose weight and discover your six-pack

It increases mental toughness

It enhances strength endurance

Add lb/kg to your lifts

Improve your technique

Have greater stamina

Reduce your sprint or marathon time

Regain your confidence and self-esteem

If so, your search is over. You’ve come to the right place!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for somebody who’ll help you to set up a multi-channel TV on your treadmill, who will accompany you while you spend countless hours on your cross-trainer or stationary bicycle doing your cardio, or if you’re in search of a ‘personal trainer’ who’ll count the number of abdominal crunches you’ve done, then click here!

For the past 20 years I’ve run numerous one-on-one and group fitness training sessions and have helped hundreds of people justlike you to get fit, lose their unwanted body fat, optimise their health and perform at the highest competitive level.

Before you invest in yet another gym membership or ‘cutting-edge’ fitness supplement, why not book a 15-minute no hassle, no obligation complimentary consultation with me to see for yourself why my clients are achieving results!

Click here to book your COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

I want results – if you do too, and are 100% committed to reaching your goals, I want to work with you.

Bronek Wlodarczyk, MSc, MBA

Physical Performance Enhancement Specialist

Olympic Lifting and Bodybuilding Coach

020 7117 7541


Bronek Wlodarczyk has worked in the field of fitness training for the past two decades. He specialises in strength and conditioning and physical and athletic performance enhancement.

Born in Poland, he was initially introduced to sports and fitness training through competitive cycling and then powerlifting. He tried his hand at a number of disciplines, including athletics, martial arts, football and handball, and has run numerous races, marathons and an ultra-marathon. He is still an active participant in the sport of powerlifting.

Bronek graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland, with a Masters Degree in Sports Science and Physical Education. During the course of his studies, he received his Olympic Lifting and Bodybuilding Coaching Certificates, together with several other instructor awards in athletics, swimming, judo and gymnastics. In all of these disciplines, he was trained by many of the world’s top specialists and coaches, including former World and Olympic medallists.

Bronek has worked for a number of leading UK and international fitness chains and is currently a freelance physical performance enhancement specialist and strength and conditioning coach working with fitness enthusiasts, competitive athletes, martial-arts practitioners, bodybuilders and powerlifters, as well as teaching gymnastics to young children.

For more than ten years he has been a volunteer strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes with physical disabilities (national, European and World Champions and Paralympics medallists) as well as athletes with mental-health problems.

Over the year he’s gained a reputation for having an unorthodox approach to fitness training and is renowned for using unconventional equipment and a wide variety of original exercises and techniques to make the toughest of challenges fun.


My ultimate goal is to help make a BIG, positive impact on your fitness and health. All my services and my programmes have been designed by me, with the main goal to fast track you to your dream body, strength, fitness and health goals.

Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to get much stronger, faster and lift more, or you’re an (extra)ordinary person who would like to better yourself and dramatically improve your health, fitness and overall achieve that body you always wanted – your in the right place.

Everyone participating in our programmes benefits from the same expertise and knowledge AND most importantly is subject to the same training principles. However each person will receive different and the most appropriate advice to their progress format and setting.

So, if you require individual, custom-written programme and training routines please get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for.

If you live, work or commute to west London, have a look at our programmes we run: Fit4Elite – an intense, year-round programme for fitness fanatics and keen keep fit enthusiasts.

I’m So Slim – fat loss programme for women, looking for a permanent and life-long solution to your weight “issues”.

FREE Saturday sessions based in the west London area for those of you who would like to experience what good training is about and do not want to break the bank in the process.

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